Moduloc Control Systems Sensors & Systems  For Control, Measurement & Management for Process Automation. Moduloc Control Systems Industrial Sensors & Systems for Control, Measurement & Management for Mill & Process Automation.
Industrial Sensors & Measurement Systems
For Control, Measurement & Management for The Steel Industry & Process Automation.

LT2000-ST Laser Distance Measurement Meters provide accurate industrial laser distance measurement.

LT2000-ST Laser
Distance Meter

MDCLS Series Digital Laser Level Sensors


 Pathfinder Digital Scanner Hot Metal Detector, Series 8100 Hot Metal Detectors and Series 9100 Hot Metal Detectors.
Hot Metal Detector (HMD) Sensors


DTF6000 Trailfinder Optical Position Scanner (Looper) - Digital scanner with background suppression for continuous precise monitoring of the relative position of hot bar.
DTF6000 Trailfinder Optical Position Scanner
(Looper Control)


MDCV83200-2H Laser Thickness Gauge
MDCV83200-2H Laser Thickness Gauge




Since 1981 MODULOC Control Systems has had a history of supplying industrial optical sensors, detectors and measurement systems to the Steel, Aluminum, Metals and Material Handling Industries. 

MODULOC Control Systems represents the complete solution for detection and measurement for the steel industry, process automation and material handling applications.

MODULOC Control Systems success is attributed to our continual policy of providing the latest in technology to meet the changing requirements of Industry.  


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Laser Distance Meters Laser Barriers
Laser Distance Sensors
Laser Distance Measurement System Illustrations Laser Measurement Systems
Laser Crane Position Systems Laser  Positioning Systems
Hot Metal Detector Sensors
Trailfinder Optical Position Scanner Optical Position Scanner
Series 2000 - Long Range Inductive Sensors Long Range Proximity Sensors
Industrial Metal Detectors

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Model 7100 Digital Hot Metal Detector
  Model 5100 Temperature Sensor
Model 8207A Weld Hole Detector

Series 4000 Remote Mill Duty Photo-switches

Series 4000 Remote Mill Duty Photo-switches


Mill Duty Sensors: 
Engineered for the Steel Mill Industry, the Metals Industry and the Heavy Industry

  • Rugged, Robust, Heavy Duty Industrial Sensors
  • Pathfinder - Digital Hot Metal Detector (HMD) Scanner - Latest scanning technology for precise high speed monitoring of hot product regardless of size, profile or temperature.
  • Hot Metal Detectors, Photo-Switches and Sensors utilizing fiber optic cables & remote lenses for surviving in 180°C, 400°C or 1000°C ambient temperatures.
  • Industrial Metal Detectors for locating metal contaminate on Bulk Conveyor Belts and varying profile bar, tube, plate, sheet or structural shapes on roller beds.

Laser Measurement Systems: 
Laser Measurement Technology Engineered for the Steel Mill Industry, Metals Industry, Heavy Industry, Material Handling Industry and General Industry.

  • Laser Sensors rugged and robust for accurate and precise laser distance measurement.

  • Laser based systems for industrial laser distance measurement of hot or cold product length, width or positioning.

  • Over 40 models available short range from 16mm to long ranges up to 1200 meters.

  • Laser Triangulation Meter based systems for precision industrial laser measurement of hot or cold product length, thickness, width or positioning.

  • Laser based systems for industrial laser measurement positioning of overhead cranes or other mobile equipment.


MODULOC Technology - The Total Sensor Solution





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